Make Money withDraftium Affiliate Program

Get paid for each referred client.

Check out the benefits you'll get with Draftium

  • Unlimited referrals

    You can lead as many clients as you want and earn your commission for each of them, be it 1 or 1000

  • Transparent payouts

    Track your referrals and earnings online with your personal affiliate link

  • Marketing assistance

    We'll help you promote Draftium with different marketing materials, including banners and text ads

  • Personal manager

    You'll get a designated manager who will help you with the onboarding and payouts

Draftium Affiliate Program is a great fit
if you...


Want to monetize
your content 

Make money off your online activity by promoting Weblium products on your website, blog, social media, or in newsletters. 


Know where digital marketers hang out online

Cater to marketers looking for tools to create their websites. Make them an offer they can't reject. Get your commission.


Love Draftium

Tell people about your own experience with Weblium and get paid for each referred user every time.

How to start earning


Sign up

Register in FirstPromoter affiliate platform


Get your referral link

Create your own partner's profile and connect to our affiliate program. Get a personal affiliate link


Start earning

Use your affiliate link. Get paid every time your referrals bought the annual/monthly Draftium PRO subscription

How much will you earn?

Get a commission from every client you refer to when they pay us.
Track all payments online

First-time commission


from the first payment made by your referral

The following and recurring


from the following payments made by your referral


  • How can I earn from Draftium subscriptions?

    Once you apply for the Affiliate Program, you’ll get a referral link to distribute among your users. You can use coupons and promo materials from our FirstPromoter account. When a user visited our site via your link and bought any of our plans - you get a commission. You will see your statistics on your FirstPromoter account.

    Note: If you want to get special conditions for participation in our affiliate program, please write to our Affiliate Manager.

  • What partner commission do you offer?

    When a user uses your affiliate link you’ll get a 40% commission from any first payment. We store information that a user visited us via your link for 180 days. So, you will get money from the users you’ve attracted even after you stopped work with our program.

  • How many clients should I refer to start earning?

    At least one. You’ll get a commission for every payment made by users that referred to you. Keep in mind that the more clients you refer, the more money you get. So, the sky is the limit :)

  • How can I withdraw my earnings?

    You can withdraw your earnings in USD via PayPal as soon as you earn at least $100. When you reach this amount, please send a withdrawal request to .moc.muilbew%40nod.hteragram This applies to all payments made by the referred users at least 14 days before the withdrawal request.

  • Why cannot I claim my commission from users who paid less than 30 days ago?

    According to Draftium Terms of Use, all our users have a 14-day money back guarantee that allows them to claim the money back within 14 days following the date of payment. When this period is over, you can request the withdrawal of your earnings.

  • Do I need to sign any documents to become an affiliate?

    No, there’s no certification. All we need is your willingness to participate The better you know the product, the more you can earn with Draftium. You can learn more by contacting our Partnership Manager: moc.muilbew%40nod.hteragram.

Got more questions?

Ask our Affiliate Program Manager Alina.She'll be glad to answer all your questions and help you get started.