I. How it works.

  • 1. How to find a template on Draftium?

    Click Create new prototype in your account. A template gallery will open automatically. You can find a template either by browsing through the categories on the left or typing the name of your industry in the search bar.

  • 2. How to customize block elements?

    Go to Block Settings (Gear icon in the upper right corner of the block). Mark the checkboxes with the elements you need to have in the block and unmark those you don’t. In the same menu, you can also change block paddings, content alignment, background, and animation.

  • 3. Is it possible to create mobile app wireframes with Draftium?

    No. Right now we’re focusing on delivering the best experience with website prototyping.

  • 4. Is it possible to create wireframes for online stores with Draftium?

    Not yet but we’re working on it.

  • 5. Can I transform a prototype created on Draftium into a website?

    Yes, you can write to us at moc.muitfard%40troppus and we will move your prototype to Weblium, our website builder, where you can finish your site.

  • 6. Can I color my prototypes on Draftium?

    No, we made it black and white on purpose. Based on our experience, getting down to colors and styles too early in website development leads to lots of iterations. So it may shift focus from things which matter at the beginning of the web project - structure and content. 

  • 7. Is it possible to upload Draftium prototypes into Wordpress?

    This feature is under development. Soon, you’ll be able to upload any prototype created with Draftium into Wordpress and create a website based on it.

  • 8. How to save the changes I made on the prototype?

    Don’t worry. All edits are saved automatically. If you want to make your prototype available for others to see or comment, click Publish and share the link.

  • 9. How to use the comment mode?

    To give someone access to commenting on your prototype:
    - Publish the prototype. Upon publishing, a popup will open immediately.
    - Click Shareable link settings and toggle the button on. The shareable link will change.
    - Share the link with other people. They will then be able to add their comments.

    To comment on the prototype:
    - Follow the link to the prototype.
    - Click Add comment in the bottom-right corner.
    - Add a bullet to the place you’d like to comment.
    - Type your comment and click Post. The prototype owner will see your feedback.

    To manage and respond to comments:
    - Open the prototype editor in Draftium
    - Click Comments in the upper bar.
    - To resolve a comment, hover a cursor over it and click Check mark that will appear in the upper-right corner of the comment.
    - To reply to a comment, use a corresponding field below the comment.

  • 10. How to connect my own domain name to the prototype?

    This feature is available only to Pro plan users. Please write us at moc.muitfard%40troppus saying that you want to connect a domain name. Make sure that you use the email address connected to your account on Draftium.

    We’ll help you with the setup. Soon, you’ll be able to connect domain names right from the account.

  • 11. Can I integrate third-party tools with the prototype?

    No, this feature is сurrently not available.

  • 12. Can I invite someone to edit the prototype via email so that we could work on it together?

    No, since you cannot work on the same prototype simultaneously. You can, however, share a link to the published prototype. Everyone who follows it will be able to see or comment on the prototype.

II. Plans and subscriptions.

  • 1. How many prototypes can I create for free?

    Draftium Free plan allows working on 3 prototypes at a time.

  • 2. What are the differences between Free plan and Pro plan?

    The differences between the plans are best described here: https://draftium.com/pricing

  • 3. How can unsubscribe from Draftium?

    - Go to your account.- Click on the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.- Choose Manage subscription.- Click Unsubscribe and confirm the action.

  • 4. How can I remove my debit or credit card info from account?

    Please write us at moc.muitfard%40troppus specifying that you want to remove your banking account details and we’ll delete them within 1 business day. You won’t be charged anything after that.

  • 5. How can I change my payment details in Draftium?

    Please write us at moc.muitfard%40troppus telling that you want to change your payment details. Our support specialist will help you do that through a secure method that prevents data leaks.

  • 6. Will I be charged automatically after the current subscription period ends?

    Yes, Draftium is subscription-based, which means you’ll be charged for the next subscription period as soon as your current subscription ends. This is made to ensure that your prototypes won’t go offline.

  • 7. I bought the Pro plan with a coupon code discount. How much will I be charged the next time?

    Every coupon code is different, meaning that one may apply to the first year of subscription only, while the other may be valid for lifetime. If you’re unsure what terms apply to your coupon code, write us at moc.muitfard%40troppus. We’ll clarify it for you.

  • 8. How to delete my account on Draftium?

    Please write us at moc.muitfard%40troppus specifying that you want to delete your account. We’ll process your request within 1 business day.